Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is the Natural Action Structured Water Unit a water purifier?


A: Yes.


Q: Does the Natural Action Structured Water Unit filter out toxins?


A: No. Unlike most filters the Natural Action Structured Water Unit cleans the memory of the water. It structures the water on a molecular level and allows the water to neutralize toxins and purify them energetically. The energy is clean, which is the part that is absorbed by your cells.


Q: Where do the toxins in the water go?


A: Water will naturally carry toxins to the source that they belong.


Q: How have you proven the science and structure of water?


A: Natural Action Technologies has used a Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) machine to capture the energetic increase of water as well as the balancing health effects the water has on people. There have been positive studies done on agriculture. There was a crystalline analysis done on the water at Hagalis Labs in Germany and this showed good to very good results. We also have lots of testimonials which help demonstrate the positive qualitative effects structured water provides.


Q: Can I use this with a water filter or other water treatment systems?


A: Absolutely. People find that the Natural Action Structured Water Unit helps other systems work better.


Q: If I already have a filter do I really need to structure it?


A: If you want your water to be more like spring water then yes. Good spring water is both naturally filtered and structured. The inventor, Clayton Nolte, used nature’s design to help create the Natural Action Structured Water Unit.


Q: Can I use this with rain harvesting?


A: Yes.


Q: Can I use this with well water?


A: Yes


Q: Do I need to replace any parts?


A: No.


Q: Is there maintenance involved?


A: Other than cleaning the Portable Unit, Natural Action Structured Water Units are maintenance free.


Q: How do I clean the Portable Unit?


A: Because people sometimes structure other liquids besides water with the Portable Unit, it’s recommended to clean the Portable Unit from time to time with warm soapy water and then rinse thoroughly with regular water.






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