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Welcome to the World of Structured Water

The Natural Action Structured Water Unit allows you to purify and energize your water with nature inspired technology. Your tap water will be like spring water right in your home. Research into the molecular structure of water and its impact in our lives is making it clear that water filters aren't enough to truly purify our water. But the Natural Action Structured Water Unit addresses this issue by naturally balancing the water and delivering extremely hydrating water. Unlike most water purifiers on the market you will never have to replace a part with this unit allowing you to save tons of money and time. It's a simple yet effective water structuring device that requires no moving parts or chemicals so its better for you and the environment.

Structured water is water that has been cleaned energetically in order to neutralize toxins and create balanced water. Most of the water in nature is structured. With the Natural Action Structured Water Unit you are adding a piece of nature's design to your life. Just like water running through nature the unit will effectively vortex the water allowing the water to work upon itself on a molecular level which brings coherence and structure back to the water. With our new Dynamically Enhanced Units, which are built with special Earth elements, you will also be infusing your water with high quality Earth energy.

Studies using a Gaseous Discharge Visualization (GDV) machine show increased levels of biophotonic energy in water after running it through a Natural Action Structured Water Unit. Electron microscopes, spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, scanning tunneling microscopy, and computer simulation models have also been used successfully to verify structured water in general. Further more, researchers have found that cells absorb structured water better than unstructured water. This is because the molecules of unstructured water can be too big for cells to properly absorb, making it difficult to properly hydrate. A 2003 Nobel Prize winning biologist named Peter C. Agre discovered that hydration is connected to the aquaporin channel in a cell, which can only take in one water molecule at a time. The Natural Action Structured Water Unit breaks water clusters down to one molecule, allowing for better hydration for humans, animals and plants.

Structured water is also known as liquid crystalline water because of its similar communicative properties to quartz crystal. This indicates that water has memory and can contain either useful or harmful energetic patterns. When water bypasses nature’s cleansing cycle of evaporation, rain and flowing in streams or through a water structuring device like a Natural Action Structured Water Unit, it could still hold energetic pollution.

Structured water has proven itself in many different applications from personal hydration to agricultural farming. For this reason, the Natural Action Structured Water Unit comes in a variety of sizes to hydrate and enhance your life in different ways. Please go to our Product Page to see all that we have offer.

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